Git 私有服务器搭建


接下来我们将以 Centos 为例搭建 Git 服务器。


$ yum install curl-devel expat-devel gettext-devel openssl-devel zlib-devel perl-devel
$ yum install git

接下来我们 创建一个git用户组和用户,用来运行git服务:

$ groupadd git
$ useradd git -g git



如果没有则需要自己产生一个 ssh-keygen 在.ssh/ 产生公钥


$ cd /home/git/
$ mkdir .ssh
$ chmod 755 .ssh
$ touch .ssh/authorized_keys
$ chmod 644 .ssh/authorized_keys



$ cd /home
$ mkdir gitrepo
$ chown git:git gitrepo/
$ cd gitrepo

$ git init --bare runoob.git
Initialized empty Git repository in /home/gitrepo/runoob.git/


$ chown -R git:git runoob.git


$ git clone git@
Cloning into 'runoob'...
warning: You appear to have cloned an empty repository.
Checking connectivity... done. 为 Git 所在服务器 ip ,你需要将其修改为你自己的 Git 服务 ip。

这样我们的 Git 服务器安装就完成。



1,git clone git@ 
2,git init
3, git remote add origin git@
4, 创建文件touch README.MD
5,git add README.MD
6,git commit -m "add first file"
5,git push -u origin master

Advanced Usage: Admin Server


The admin server allows the administrator of the HHVM server to query and control the HHVM server process. It is different and separate than the primary HHVM server that you specified with -m server or -m daemon.

To turn on the admin server, you specify the following options at the command line via -d or within your server.ini (or equivalent).


The port can be any open port. And you should always specify a password to secure the admin port since you don’t want just anybody being able to control your server. In fact, you will probably want to put the admin server behind a firewall. You will specify the password with every request to the admin port.

The admin server uses the same protocol as the main server – so, if you’re using FastCGI mode, the admin server will also be FastCGI, and you will need to configure a front-end webserver (like nginx). If you are using Proxygen mode, the admin server will be an HTTP server.

Querying the Admin Server

Once you have set up your admin server, you can query it via curl.

curl http://localhost:9001/

will bring up a list of commands you can use to control and query your admin server.

The port associated with the curl command is the hhvm.admin_server port set above if you are using ProxygenIf you are using FastCGI, then the port will be the webserver port that is the front end to FastCGI.

Sending a Command

Use one of the commands listed with the curl sequence above, along with your password, to send a command to the admin server.

curl http://localhost:9001/compiler-id?auth=SomePassword

Further Reference

There is a good blog post discussing the admin server even further.